Color mix for laying of clinker brick


  • for clinker bricks, natural and artificial stone with water absorption up to 6%
  • facing, laying and jointing in one working cycle
  • resistant to the aggressive influence of the atmospheric environment
  • moisture resistant, frost resistant, vapor permeable
  • has high adhesion, does not shrink
  • plastic, easy to use
  • wide range of colors

Packing: 25 kg

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PSM-085 – dry building mix for masonry and cladding of external and internal walls with decorative materials with low water absorption (up to 6%) – such as clinker and hyper-pressed bricks, blocks of natural and artificial stone and others with simultaneous filling and jointing of joints in one working cycle.

Allows you to get:

 • homogeneous masonry with complete filling of joints, integral, durable, without cavities and defects;

 • decorative color seam – crack-resistant, durable, resistant to aggressive environmental influences.

The PSM-085 mixture is resistant to shrinkage, plastic, convenient to use. The hardened solution has high moisture resistance, frost resistance, vapor permeability.

A wide selection of colors – 18 basic in the palette.

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Замечательная смесь ПСМ-85 для клинкерного кирпича, хорошая замена и альтернатива европейскому Квик-Микс
Composition a mixture of specialized high-performance cement with mineral aggregates and polymer modifiers
Coloras indicated on the package
Aggregate sizeup to 0.63 mm
Mixing ratio2.75-3.25 liters of water per 25 kg (0.11 liters – 0.13 liters of water per 1 kg) of dry mix
The mobility of the mortar mixture  5 cm (but not less than 4 cm)
The shelf life of the mortar mixtureat least 90 minutes
Air and substrate temperature during application from +5 to +30°С
Compressive strength (after 28 days)not less than 10.0 MPa
Adhesion to concrete not less than 0.2 MPa
Frost-resistancenot less than 75 cycles
Water-retention capacitynot less than 95%
The operating temperature of the hardened solutionfrom -30 to +70°C
Seam widthhorizontal – optimally 8 mm, vertical – optimally 10 mm
Dry mix consumptionfrom 43-53 kg/m² of masonry, depending on the type of masonry, the width of the joints and the size of the brick

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