Adhesive mixture elastic thixotropic fiber-reinforced


  • for plates from a natural and artificial stone
  • for surfaces subjected to heavy loads and deformations
  • for socles, terraces, pools
  • for systems "warm floor", stoves, fireplaces
  • adhesion ≥1.5 MPa
  • increased moisture and frost resistance
  • high fixation on vertical surfaces

Packing: 25 kg

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Glue mix elastic thixotropic PP-019 FLEX – ready dry glue mix reinforced with fiberglass for fixing ceramic and glass-ceramic tiles, slabs and tiles made of natural and artificial stone, ceramic granite, large-size plates and other materials with low water absorption (less than 1%). Horizontal and vertical foundations (concrete, cement, cement-lime, brick, gypsum board, etc.) and foundations subject to permanent weathering and periodic deformation (surfaces of furnaces, fireplaces, floors with electric and water heating, terraces, balconies, pools, etc.). Effective at facing surfaces without removing old tile (“tile on tile”) except for glazed.

At facing of the deformable surfaces – to prepare a solution mixture for adding an emulsion of elastic PL-127 Poliplast®.

The mixture is applied both inside dry or damp premises and outside buildings.

The adhesive mixture can be used as a stand alone mortar or as an additive to mortars to improve their performance. For fastening of marble, especially light shades, it is recommended to use glue mix PP-019 FLEX of white color.

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Appearancehomogeneous granular mixture of gray and white without impurities


gray with a shade (white with a shade, if it is separately indicated on the package)

Moisture content

no more than 0.5%

Filler size

no more than 0,63 mm

Mixing ratio

~ 0.195 ± 0.01 l of water per 1 kg of dry mix

Displacement of fixed material (only for walls)

not more than 0.5 mm

Expiration date from the moment of mixing

not less than 120 min

Open time

not less than 20 min

Adjustment time

not less than 10 min


from 2.0 kg/m2

Temperature of the substrate and a base

from + 5°С to + 30°С

Adhesion strength with the base after aging in air-dry conditions

not less than 1.5 MPa


not earlier than 24 hours

Operating temperature of the solidified solution

-40°С to + 120°С

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