Adhesive mixture elastic thixotropic fiber-reinforced


  • for plates from a natural and artificial stone
  • for surfaces subjected to heavy loads and deformations
  • for socles, terraces, pools
  • for systems "warm floor", stoves, fireplaces
  • adhesion ≥1.5 MPa
  • high fixation on vertical surfaces

Packing: 25 kg

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Elastic thixotropic adhesive mixture PP-019 FLEX – ready-made dry adhesive mixture reinforced with fiberglass for fastening ceramic and glass-ceramic tiles, slabs and tiles made of natural and artificial stone, ceramic granite, large slabs and other materials with low water absorption (less than 1%) in sizes up to 90×90 see. On horizontal and vertical bases (concrete, cement, cement-lime, brick, plasterboard, etc.) and on bases subject to constant atmospheric influences and periodic deformations (surfaces of stoves, fireplaces, floors with electric and water heating, terraces, balconies, swimming pools, etc.). It is effective when facing surfaces without removing the old tile (“tile on tile”), with the exception of glazed, OSB boards and surfaces painted with oil paints.

The mixture is used both inside dry or wet rooms and outside buildings.

The adhesive mixture can be used both as an independent construction mortar and as an additive to construction mortars to improve their characteristics. For fixing marble, especially light shades, it is recommended to use adhesive mixture PP-019 FLEX white.

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Storagehomogeneous loose mass of gray color without extraneous impurities
Colorgray with a shade (white with a shade, if it is separately indicated on the package)
Moisture contentno more than 0.5%
Coarseness of aggregateno more than 0.63 mm
Mixing proportions5.5 – 6.0 l of water per 25 kg (0.23±0.01 l of water per 1 kg) of dry mixture
Offset of the material to be fixed (for walls only)no more than 0.5 mm
Expiry date from the beginning of mixingat least 120 min
Open timeat least 30 min
Adjustment timeat least 10 min
Temperature of air and bases during application.from +5°С to +30°С
Adhesion strength to the base after exposure to air-dry conditionsnot less than 1.5 MPa
Adhesion strength to the base after exposure to waternot less than 1.0 MPa
Adhesion strength to the base after thermal aging (70 °C)not less than 1.0 MPa
Adhesion strength to the base after freezing and thawing cyclesnot less than 1.0 MPa
Stitching of seamsnot earlier than 24 hours
Operating temperature of the hardened solution-40°С to +120°С
Costsfrom 2.0 kg/m2

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