High strength elastic self-leveling mix for floor


  • Wide range of uses
  • Resistant to extreme loads
  • Technological movement after 2 hours
  • High strength 40 MPa
  • Layer thickness 0-60 mm.
  • High spreadability
  • Laying the coating after 24 hours
  • For manual and machine casting
  • Suitable for heated floors
  • Suitable for all types of coatings
  • For interior and exterior use
  • In gray and white colors.

Packing: 20 kg

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The PSV-400 mix is intended for leveling of horizontal concrete, cement-sand, asphalt concrete and wooden bases which are subject to temperature deformations, inside and outside of buildings, under all types of coverings, for floors under parquet flooring and  heated floors.

Layer solution mixture PSV-400 works in thicknesses from 0 to 60 mm. The compression strength of the mineral base to be equalized shall be not less than 35 MPa.

Leveler for floors PSV-400 is used in industrial construction as layers in the composition of floors for laying of finishing bulk polymeric (polyurethane, epoxy) industrial and decorative coverings, and also as polymer cement coverings for the floor, under considerable loads, except for loads from transport course, according to SNIP 2.03.13-88.

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Structuremixture of cement with high strength mineral aggregates and polymeric modifiers
Zovnіshnіy viglyadhomogeneous granular mixture without impurities
Colourgray with a touch of or white
mixing ratio4,4 – 4,8 л воды на 20 кг сухой смеси
~0,230±0,01 л воды на 1 кг сухой смеси
aggregate sizenot more than 0.5 mm
Shelf life from the beginning of the batchnot less than 30 m
Temperature of the substrate and a basefrom +5 ° C to +30 ° C.
The water temperature for preparation of the mixturefrom +15 ° C to +20 ° C.
Adhesion to the substratenot less than 2.0 MPa
The compressive strength after 3 daysnot less than 30 MPa
Compressive strength after 28 daysnot less than 40 MPa
Tensile strength in bending (after 28 days)not less than 6.0 MPa
Shrinkagenot more than 2.0 mm / m
Technical movement timeno earlier than 2:00
frost-resistancenot less than 75 cycles
Operating temperature of the solidified solutionfrom -30 ° C to +70 ° C.
Costs dry mixture1.4 kg / m² at 1 mm layer thickness

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