Corundum-reinforcing polymer cement coating topping


  • high strength
  • low surface abrasion
  • high resistance to mechanical stress;
  • possibility of application both for internal and external works

Packing: 25 kg

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PSV-046 is a dry building mix based on highly active cement, fractionated corundum aggregates and modifier additives.

The PSV-046 mixture is used to strengthen the top layer of concrete floors exposed to significant mechanical stresses during operation (floors in warehouses, garages, trading floors, service stations, industrial premises of enterprises, road surfaces, etc.).


Manufactured in two versions: PSV-046 and PSV-046 Plus



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Composition highly active portlandcement, fractionated corundum aggregate and modifier additives
Appearancehomogeneous loose mass without impurities
Colorgray with a touch
Maximum aggregate sizeno more than 4.0 mm
Moisture contentsno more than 0.5%
The temperature range of use of the mixturefrom +10°С tо +30°С
Process floor readinessafter 7 days
Floor ready for useafter 28 days
Floor operating temperaturefrom -50°С tо +70°С
Dry mix consumption per 1 m24-5 kg
Compressive strength at the age of 3 daysnot less than 30 MPa
Compressive strength after 28 daysnot less than 80 MPa
Tensile strength in bending 28 daysnot less than 7.0 MPa
Adhesion to concrete base after exposure in air-dry conditionsnot less than 1.5 MPa
Abrasionno more than 0,6 g / cm2
Abrasion PSV-046 Plusno more than 0,5 g / cm2
Shrinkageno more than 1,5 mm / m
Frost resistancenot less than 75 cycles

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