Quick-hardening, self-leveling floor mix increased flowability


  • high flow rates
  • layer thickness 1*-20 mm
  • faster Strength (4-5 hours)
  • high strength - not less than 22 MPa
  • high adhesion to the base
  • creates a high-quality, even and smooth surface.
  • does not shrink

Packing: 25 kg

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Fast-hardening self-leveling mixture PSV-017 Top Expert with increased spreadability, designed for quick leveling and preparation of horizontal substrates resistant to deformation (cement, concrete, expanded clay concrete and others) before finishing coatings (parquet, laminate, carpet, linoleum, tiles, etc.) a layer from 1 * to 20 mm inside residential, domestic and public premises. Used in underfloor heating systems. It is not used outdoors and in rooms with high levels of humidity. The mixture is applied both manually and mechanically.

* – the thickness of a layer of self-leveling mixture of 1 – 2 mm is possible only in certain cases, among which, for example, putties (leveling) of porous substrates. In this case, the level plays a double role: a pore filler and a level.

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Structuremixture of cement, gypsum mineral fillers and polymeric modifiers
Appearancehomogeneous granular mixture gray without impurities
aggregate sizenot more than 0.5 mm
mixing ratio3.75-4,00 ~ l of water per 25 kg (~ 0,15-0,16 liter of water for 1 kg) of dry mixture, depending on the desired consistency
spreadabilityat least 25 cm
Thickness3-15 mm (25 mm for small areas)
Temperature of the substrate and bases+5 to +25 ° C
Shelf life after mixingnot less than 30 minutes
Time of possible technological movement4-5 hours
Adhesion to the substratenot less than 1.0 MPa
Shrinkage mortarnot more than 0.5 mm / m
Performing further worknot earlier than 24 hours
The compressive strength (after 3 days)not less than 10.0 MPa
Compression strength (after 28 days)not less than 22.0 MPa
Tensile strength in bending (after 28 days)not less than 4.0 MPa
Operating temperature of the solidified solutionfrom +1 to +70 ° C at a relative humidity less than 90%
Possibility of thermal loads in the reproductive system heatednot earlier than 28 days
Consumption of dry mixture~ 1.8 kg / m² at 1 mm layer thickness


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