Thick-level self-leveling floor mix


  • Universal alignment: level + screed
  • For hand and machine application
  • Layer thickness 3-70 mm.
  • Shrinkage resistant
  • High adhesion to the substrate
  • Easy to spread
  • For heated floors

Packing: 25 kg

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The dry construction self-leveling mixture for the floor thick-layer PSP-030 is intended for leveling and repairing horizontal bases that are resistant to deformation (cement-sand, concrete, expanded clay concrete, anhydrite and others) before finishing coatings (tiles, parquet, laminate). 3 to 50 mm (70 mm for small areas) inside dry rooms. Used in underfloor heating systems. Application of the mixture is possible manually and mechanically. If it becomes necessary to increase the elasticity, hydrophobic properties, as well as the adhesion of the solution to the base, prepare the solution with the addition of concentrated emulsions: contact PL-125 and elastic PL-127 Polyplast TM. The mixture is not intended for industrial floors and is not a topcoat.




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Storageportland cement, gypsum, fractionated fillers, modifying additives
Appearancehomogeneous loose mass of gray color without extraneous impurities
Mixing proportions3.75 – 4.25 l per 25 kg of dry mixture

0.15 – 0.17 l per 1 kg of dry mixture

Air temperature and base during applicationfrom +5 to +30 °C
Expiry date from the beginning of mixingat least 30 min
Layer thickness3 – 50 mm (70 mm for small areas)
Adhesion to the basenot less than 1.5 MPa
Bending strengthafter 3 days – not less than 2.0 MPa

after 28 days – not less than 5.0 MPa

Compressive strengthafter 3 days – not less than 7.0 MPa

after 28 days – not less than 20.0 MPa

Compressive strength of the basenot less than 15 MPa
The time of possible technological movementdepending on the thickness of the layer from 6 to 12 hours
Shrinkage of the soluble mixtureno more than 1.0 mm/m
Execution of further worksnot earlier than after 72 hours – for ceramic and stone tiles; not earlier than after 7 days – for other coatings
Possibility of temperature load in heated floor systemsnot earlier than in 28 days


Operating temperature of the hardened solutionfrom +5 to + 70 °C
Consumption of dry mixturefrom 20 kg/m2 with a layer thickness of 10 mm

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