Adhesive mixture for marble and natural stone (white)


  • fastening of light (including transparent) or dark shades of natural stone
  • prevents spots and rust on the surface of the plates
  • thanks to the white color, it preserves and emphasizes the original color and luster of marble slabs and other natural stones
  • frost-, moisture resistant
  • for external and internal works
  • highly plastic
  • resistant to sliding down on vertical surfaces
  • high adhesion to the base

Packing: 25 KG

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PP-015 BLANCO – ready dry adhesive mixture for fixing slabs and tiles of marble of all shades (from light to dark), and other natural stone, including mosaics of natural stone (marble, onyx, lapis lazuli, travertine and granite, etc.) , as well as ceramic and mosaic tiles.
Particularly recommended for fastening translucent stones when a white substrate is required, the adhesive mixture prevents stains and rust marks from occurring on the surface of natural stone slabs, as well as for darker marble colors, as it retains the original color and surface gloss better.
It is used both indoors and outdoors. This mixture can be used for fixing ceramic and ceramic granite (GRES) tiles, large and natural stone tiles (450*450 mm, 600*600 mm, etc.), concrete, clinker tiles and other materials with low
water absorption of 0% on strong horizontal and vertical foundations, resistant to deformation (concrete, cement-sand, cement-lime, brick, drywall, foundations of cellular concrete, etc.).
If necessary, increase the hydrophobic properties, as well as adhesion to the base, adhesive mixture is prepared by adding an emulsion of contact PL-125 Poliplast TM.


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Compositiona mixture of white Portland cement with mineral aggregates and polymer modifiers
Appearancehomogeneous granular mixture of white color without impurities
Fraction0- 0,63 mm
Mixing ratio5.0-5.5 l of water per 25 kg (0.21 + 0.01 l of water per 1 kg) of dry mix
Air temperature and bases during the applicationfrom +5 to + 30°С
Expiration date from the beginning of mixingnot less than 90 minutes
Adhesion to the basenot less than 1.0 MPa
Open timenot less than 20 minutes
Adjustment timenot less than 10 minutes
Offset fixed material (only for walls)not more than 0.5 mm
Stitchingno earlier than 24 hours
Frost-resistancenot less than 50 cycles
Operating temperature of the hardened solutionfrom -30 to +70°С
Consumption of dry mixturefrom 2,0 kg/m2

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