Glue mixture for ceramic tiles and natural stone


  • fastening of ceramic tiles and natural stone with water absorption from 3%
  • fastening of frost-resistant ceramic tiles with water absorption from 1%
  • for exterior and interior
  • adhesion ≥ 1.0 MPa
  • moisture resistant, frost-resistant
  • resistant on vertical surfaces
  • plastic

Packing: 10 kg, 25 kg

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PP-010 PROFESSIONAL – ready dry adhesive mix for fastening of different types of ceramic tile with water absorption of not less than 1% and natural stone (for example, sandstone), with water absorption of not less than 3%, with size not more than 400×400 mm on strong mineral horizontal and vertical bases, resistant to deformation (concrete, cement-sand, cement-lime, brick, porous concrete foundations, etc.).

It is used inside dry or damp premises and outside residential buildings, and in industrial construction.

For facing of surfaces by a porcelain tile (GRES) or other tile with water absorption less than 1% and a natural stone outside of buildings – it is necessary to prepare the mixture by adding an emulsion of contact PL-125 Poliplast®. Observe the dosage specified in the instructions for this product.

For fastening of marble or tile from other natural and artificial light-colored stone, it is necessary to apply mixes of group PP of white color according to purpose (for example, glue mix for marble PP-015 BLANCO of white color).


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a mixture of cement with mineral aggregates and polymer modifiers


gray with a touch
Aggregate sizeno more than 0,63 mm
The amount of water for the preparation of the mortar mixture4.25 – 4.75 L of water per 25 kg (0.18 ± 0.01 L of water per 1 kg) of dry mix
Air and substrate temperature during applicationfrom +5 to +30*С

Adhesive layer thickness

3-10 mm (15 mm for some areas)
Expiration date from the beginning of kneadingnot less than 120 minutes

Open time

not less than 20 minutes

Adjustment time

not less than 10 minutes

Offset material to be fixed (for walls only)

no more than 0.5 mm


not earlier than 48 hours
Adhesion to the base under air-dry conditions (after 28 days)not less than 1.0 MPa

Frost resistance

not less than 50 cycles

Hardened mortar operating temperature

from -30 to +70*С


from 2,0 kg/m2

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