Antifrosty additive in concrete and dry building mixes


  • for outdoor work
  • antifrosty effect
  • improves solution strength
  • reduces mortar curing life
  • economical

Packing: 5 l; 10 l

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Additive Poliplast PMR-141   is a ready-to-use mixture for the preparation of concrete and other cement-sand mixtures when working at low temperatures (from +5 ° C to -25 ° C).

The additive Poliplast PMR-141  allows you to work with concrete and cement mortars at temperatures up to -25 ° C, accelerates the start of the setting process of concrete, increases water resistance, does not cause metal corrosion.





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Appearancecolorless transparent liquid
Structurechlorine free inorganic salts
Density at 20 ºC at t1.12 ± 0.01 kg / l
Application temperaturefrom -20 to +5 ° C
pH value8-10
Flow rate (average consumption per 100 kg of cement 500 kg of finished or mixtures thereof, depending on t – for concrete / mortar)when t from +5 ºC to -10 ºC – 4.7 l at t from -10 ºC to -15 ºC – 7.1 l at t from -15 ºC to -20 ºC – 11.7 l at t from -20 ºC and -25 ºC – 16,9 l
Flow rate (average flow rate of 25 kg (1 bag) ready mix, depending on t – for concrete / mortar)at tº from -10ºC to + 5ºC – 0.360 L at tº from -10ºC to -15ºC – 0.490 L at tº from -15ºC to -20ºC – 0.720 L at tº from -20ºC to -25ºC – 1,0 l

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