PBR-25 (12; 15)

Mix repair concrete high-strength "Dry concrete"


  • repair of defects, filling cracks and holes in concrete and reinforced concrete structures
  • filling seams during installation work
  • foundation devices, high-strength floors
  • production of small decorative elements from concrete
  • for internal and external works
  • frost-resistant, waterproof, high-strength
  • reinforced with basalt fiber
  • plastic, easy to prepare and use
  • three versions of the mixture are produced: PBR-25 (30 MPa), PBR-15 (20 MPa), PBR-12 (15 MPa)

Packing: 25 kg

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The mixture PBR-25 (15, 12) “Dry concrete” is intended to eliminate defects in concrete structures, fill holes in reinforced concrete walls, ceilings and in places where engineering networks and communications pass, fill the joints between concrete structural elements during installation work.

It is also used to build foundations, as a carrier layer in garages, basements, production workshops and workshops, for the construction of high-strength wear-resistant floors.

It is used as fine-grained concrete for the production of small decorative elements, small architectural forms. Suitable for use both for internal and external structures; waterproof and frost resistant.




Three versions of the mixture are available:

  • PBR – 25 (30 MPa)
  • PBR – 15 (20 MPa)
  • PBR – 12 (15 MPa)

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Compositionmixture of cement with mineral fillers and polymer modifiers
Appearancehomogeneous free-flowing mixture without impurities
Shutter ratio~ 2.5-3.0 l of water per 25 kg bag (~ 0.11 ± 0.01 l of water per 1 kg of dry mix)
Filler sizeup to 2.5 mm
Expiry date from the beginning of mixingnot less than 90 minutes
Compressive strength (after 28 days)PBR-12 corresponds to B12.5 (15 MPa)
PBR-15 corresponds to B15 (20 MPa)
PBR-25 corresponds to B25 (30 MPa)
Substrate adhesionnot less than 0.2 MPa
Frost resistancenot less than 75 cycles
Temperature of air and substrate during applicationfrom +5 ºС to +30 ºС
Operating temperature of the hardened mortarfrom -50 ºС to +70 ºС
Layer thicknessno more than 150 mm
Dry mix consumption~ 1.8 kg / m2 per 1 mm layer

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