Acrylic paint for walls and ceiling


  • ideal for walls
  • resistant to wet wiping
  • high covering ability
  • easy to apply
  • Wet abrasion class 3
  • Coverage class 1

Packing: 1 l; 3 l; 5 l; 10 l

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For the first and only repair farbuvannya stin and stele in the middle of dry primitives, as not to be intensively erased and mitty with insignificant amount of vologosti obrudnen. Periodical wiping is allowed. To go for decorative and decorative farbury of new and previously filled with water-dispersive headlights on the surface of all the middle dry grounds, as you do not need mitty: concrete, plastered, cement-baked, asbestos-cement, cement, gypsum-based Vikoristovuyutsya for farbuvannya trellis for all types of farbuvannya, fiberboard, chipboard and OSB boards

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CompositionA mixture of modified aqueous dispersions of polymers, fillers, functional additives
Color, gloss levelWhite, deep matt
ToningBase A. Tinted with water and universal pigment pastes
Density~ 1.5 kg / dm³
Opacity class1 class
Wet abrasion classClass 3 (≥ 20 μm and <70 μm for 200 cleaning cycles)
Largest particle sizeFine-grained, up to 100 microns
Substrate temperature during applicationFrom + 5 to +30 ° С
Coverage rate8-10 m² / l in 1 layer depending on the surface roughness
Drying time at an air temperature of 20 ° C and a humidity of 55%4-6 hours for one layer

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