Deep-penetrating primer with fungicid complex


  • Destroys and prevents the development of biological damage
  • Contributes to the overall improvement of the indoor microclimate due to the destruction of mold spores
  • Deeply penetrates the surface structure

Packing: 2 l; 5 l

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Antibacterial deep penetrating soil ready for use. Designed to eliminate microorganisms: fungus, moss, mold, algae.
It is used for treatment of concrete, plastered and other mineral surfaces, deeply penetrates the surface, clearing it from fungi, mold, moss and algae. Odorless, reduces the expense of further application of a coat of paint.

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Сompositiona mixture of modified aqueous dispersions of polymers, functional additives, antibacterial complex
Colormilky white liquid
Density~ 1 kg/l
Base temperature when appliedfrom + 5 tо +30 °С
Consumption0,1 – 0,2 l/m²
Drying time at air temperature

+20 ° C and humidity 55%

8 hours

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