Adhesive gypsum mixture


  • gluing gypsum tiles and gypsum decorative elements
  • fastening decorative elements made of polystyrene foam
  • decorative stone tile fastening
  • for installation of gypsum blocks, glass blocks and gypsum tongue-and-groove plates
  • for horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • high fixation on vertical surfaces
  • high adhesion
  • for internal work

Packing: 4 kg; 8 kg

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GIPS DECOR gypsum adhesive is a dry gypsum based mortar for fixing decorative elements such as:

decorative stone and  gypsum tiles

• polystyrene decorative elements

decorative stucco

groove gypsum blocks and glass blocks and the like.

Applies only inside dry rooms.

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Compositiona mixture of gypsum with mineral aggregates and modifying additives
Appearancehomogeneous bulk mass of white without any impurities
Mixing ratio~ 0.35 ± 0.01 L of water per 1 kg of dry mix;
Shelf life from the start of kneadingnot less than 30 minutes
Open timenot less than 15 minutes
Adjustment timenot less than 10 minutes
Offset, fixed material (wall only)no more than 0.5 mm
Mobilitynot less than 6 cm
Adhesion to the base at the age of 7 daysnot less than 0.5 MPa
Air and substrate temperature during application from +5 tо +30ºС
Dry mix consumptionfrom 1.0 kg / m²

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