Finishing putty


  • Ready to use
  • Elastic and easy to apply
  • Does not peel off when sanding
  • Forms a perfectly smooth snow-white surface
  • Does not shrink and crack
  • Excellent adhesion to the base
  • Vapor permeable
  • For machine and manual application

Packing: 1,4 kg; 8 kg; 16 kg; 27 kg

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Finish Puts acrylic putty is a ready-to-use putty of the highest quality, designed for super-fine, finishing leveling of walls and ceilings by hand and machine, before painting or appropriate decorative finishing. Creates a perfectly smooth, even and snow-white surface that can be easily sanded indoors. The white color of the putty does not yellow after drying, which preserves the correspondence of the selected shade of paint. It is used for a variety of mineral surfaces: bases made of concrete, cement, cement-lime and gypsum plasters, starting putties, plasterboard, as well as chipboard, MDF, OSB-plates, fiberglass and interlining. It can be used for plastering GKL joints, using a special tape for seams, finishing corners, and places where sheets are attached. Eliminates minor defects with a depth of 1 to 3 mm in one application.

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CompoundA mixture of acrylic copolymers of modified silicone resins, fillers, functional additives.
ToningToned with water and universal pigment pastes.
Density~ 1.7 kg/l
Air and substrate temperature during applicationfrom + 5 to +30 °С
Layer thicknessup to 3 mm in one application
Consumption0.5-1.0 kg/m2 per 1 mm layer thickness
Drying time at air temperature +20 C and humidity 55% 

3-6 hours




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