Finishing acrylic putty


  • flexible, easy to apply
  • excellent base adhesion
  • no shrinkage or cracking
  • does not exfoliate when grinding
  • it forms a perfectly smooth white surface

Packing: 1,6 kg; 8 kg; 16 kg; 28 kg

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For partial and continuous filling of the surface in order to smooth out minor roughness and defects up to 3 mm before applying the inside coating premises (painting, decorative plasters, wallpapering, etc.). Types of surfaces: concrete, plaster (cement, cement-lime, acrylic, gypsum), asbestos cement, brick, drywall and other porous surfaces.

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Compositiona mixture of modified aqueous dispersions of polymers, fillers, functional additives
Color and glosswhite
Tintingtinted with water and universal pigment pastes

Layer thickness 

up to 3 mm
Density~ 1.6 kg / l
Base temperature when usingfrom +5 °С to +30 °С
Coverage ratefrom 0.6 to 1.2 kg / m²
Drying time at an air temperature of +20°C and humidity of 55%4-8 hours

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