Universal cement-sand mixture


  • for floor screeding device with a thickness of 10 - 80 mm
  • for masonry
  • for plastering
  • for repair work
  • a wide selection of mix quality
  • for exterior and interior use
  • frost resistant
  • convenient to use

Packing: 25 kg

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Dops Universal is a universal modified cement-sand mixture designed to perform a wide range of works outside and inside buildings.

It is used for masonry of ceramic, clinker and silicate brick walls; for masonry of enclosing constructions from rubble stone, natural stone and boulders; for laying slag blocks; for installation of large concrete blocks, overlapping panels, wall panels; for restoration and repair of masonry elements; for installation, leveling and repair of floor screed on mineral rigid bases that do not deform and screeds of “floating” type (thermal insulation or floor heating systems); thick-layer rough leveling and plastering of walls, facades of buildings and other bearing hygroscopic bases, resistant to deformation (brick, lightweight concrete, concrete, etc.), as well as for the repair of old plasters.


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Structurecement mixture with mineral fillers and modifiers
Appearancehomogeneous granular mixture without impurities
Colourgray with a touch of
Mixing ratio (water)0.11 ± 0.01 L of water per 1 kg of the dry mixture
Fractionnot more than 1.5 mm
Mobilitynot less than 6 cm ± 1,0
Temperature of the substrate and bases+5 to +30 ° C
The water temperature for preparation of the mixture+15 to +20 ° C
Shelf life after mixing60 minutes
Adhesion to the substratenot less than 0.2 MPa
Compression strength (after 28 days)Dops Universal 50 is not less than 5.0 MPa
Dops Universal 75 is not less than 7.5 MPa
Dops Universal 100 is not less than 10 MPa
Dops Universal 150 is not less than 15 MPa
Dops Universal 200 is not less than 20 MPa
frost-resistancenot less than 50 cycles
Operating temperature of the solidified solution-30 to +70 ° C.
Consumption of dry mixturefrom 1.9 kg / m2 on 1 mm thick coating layer

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