DOPS Brick

Heat-insulating masonry mixture for ceramic blocks


  • reduces heat loss through wall structures
  • prevents freezing of masonry joints
  • water and frost resistant
  • highly flexible
  • contains perlite

Packing: 20 kg

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Heat-insulating masonry mixture DOPS Brick is intended for masonry and construction of external and internal walls, partitions with energy-saving building products (ceramic hollow blocks, cinder blocks, expanded clay blocks, gas blocks and others; double, silicate brick, ordinary and other bricks, etc.) inside and outside premises. Contains perlite, which contributes to the thermal insulation of the masonry.






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СompositionPortland cement fractionated aggregates, perlite and modifying additives
Appearancehomogeneous granular mass of gray without any impurities
Size of fillernot more than 0.8 mm
The amount of water to prepare the mortar3.45 -4.0 l of water per 20 kg (0.15 – 0.17 l of water per 1 kg) of the dry mixture
Air temperature and substrates when appliedfrom +5 tо +30*С
Operation temperature of solidified solutionfrom -30 tо +70 °С
Shelf life from start of kneadingat least 90 minutes
Layer thickness  5-12 mm (8-10 mm recommended)
Frost resistanceat least 50 cycles
Thermal conductivitynot more than 0,35 W / (m * K)
Tensile strength at the age of 28 daysnot less than 0.8 MPa
Strength grip with the basenot less than 0.5 MPa
Consumption of dry mixturefrom 60 kg per 1 m³ at a layer thickness of 10 mm

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