Polymer decorative plaster


  • variety of textures and decoration options
  • “Quick decoration” - up to 200 m2 / day
  • mechanized application
  • hides surface imperfections
  • does not require thorough surface preparation
  • for interior work
  • highly economical (1 bag per 60 m2)

Packing: 20 kg

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Mix DOPS ART Spray is intended for mechanized application of a decorative textured layer on walls and ceilings for painting. Thanks to the fine structure, it allows to achieve various decorative effects. Mechanized application ensures high rates of work: up to 200 m2 of surface can be treated per day.

The mixture lays in a thin layer, which makes it extremely economic: 60 m2 can be applied with one 20 kg bag.

The mixture is applied on concrete, cement-sand foundations, starting cement and gypsum plasters, gypsum board and the like. Does not require thorough surface preparation: DOPS Art Spray fills and hides defects, cracks and irregularities at the base. Used in private, residential, public and industrial construction. Applied indoors.


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Сompositiona mixture of polymer binder with mineral fillers and modifiers
Appearancehomogeneous bulk mixture without any impurities
Mixing ratio5.5 – 8.5 l of water per 20 kg of dry mixture (0.28 – 0.43 l per 1 kg), depending on the required consistency of the solution
Size of fillernot more than 0.2 mm
Shelf life from start of kneadingat least 180 minutes
Air temperature and substrates when appliedfrom +5 to +30 °С
Mobility7±2 cm
Vapor permeabilitynot less than 0.05 mg / m · h · Pa
Strength adhesion to the base after aging in air-dry conditionsnot less than 0.3 MPa
Consumption of dry mixture0.3 – 0.9 kg per 1 m2 (average 0.5 – 0.6 kg / m2)

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