Reinforcing sealing emulsion for concrete floors based on lithium silicate


  • provides long-term moisture content in freshly laid concrete;
  • helps to increase the strength and wear resistance of concrete;
  • reduces the likelihood of cracking and dust;
  • improves the appearance of the surface;
  • convenient and easy to use;
  • solvent free, odorless;
  • suitable for outdoor and indoor use

Packing: 10 l

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Curing Hard TOP PH-146 is a sealing emulsion that forms a protective polymer film on the surface of concrete to limit the evaporation of water too quickly and helps to strengthen “fresh” and other polished concrete surfaces.

Lithium silicate penetrates deep into the concrete base and forms crystals through chemical reactions that fill the voids in its structure.

Thanks to these mechanisms, the strength, density and wear resistance of the concrete surface are improved.

Curing Hard TOP PH-146 can be used for:

  • freshly laid concrete;
  • the surface of the concrete floor and concrete slabs of various textures;
  • cement based surfaces.


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CompositionA mixture of modified aqueous dispersions of polymers, functional additives, an aqueous solution of lithium silicate
AppearanceMilky liquid, clear, colorless when dried
Application temperaturefrom +5 tо +30 ºС
Density̴̴ 1 kg / l
Mass fraction of non-volatiles14 ± 1 %
pH – value9±1
Drying timeup to 4 hours, full sealing after 7 days
Consumption0,08 – 0,1 l / m2 relative to the treatment level

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