Acrylic based primer


  • increases the adhesive strength of the decorative coating to the base
  • forms a "breathable" coating
  • prevents the color of the substrate from shining through the thin layer of plaster
  • has increased resistance against microorganisms and mold

Packing: 15 kg

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ACRIL GUARTZ primer-paint is milky-white color intended for pretreatment inside and outside buildings for water-absorbing mineral substrates in order to reduce and equalize their absorption capacity, ensuring a uniform color for light shades of the finish coat, as well as increasing the adhesion of decorative plaster coatings to the substrates. For preservation of facades for the winter period, it can also serve as an independent decorative layer.




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Compositionmixture of modified aqueous dispersions of polymers, fillers, functional additives
Color and glossmilk-white
Tintingtinted with water and universal pigment pastes
Density1.58 kg / l
Base temperature when usingfrom +5 °С to +30 °С
0.3-0.5 kg / m²
Drying time at an air temperature of +20°C and humidity of 55%4-8 hours

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