Structural acrylic paint


  • weather resistant
  • resistant to mechanical damage
  • crack resistant
  • vapor permeable
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Packing: 15 kg

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For protection and decoration of surfaces indoors. Suitable for decorating living spaces, offices, individual interior elements, etc. Easy to use.
Can form a characteristic uniform-rough surface, and many options for decorative effects with a structural roller, grater and other tools to create decor.
Suitable for painting mineral bases (concrete, brick, cement-sand and cement-lime plasters, GK-sheets, etc.) and boundary bases (plywood, chipboard, fiberboard, OSB).

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CompositionA mixture of modified aqueous dispersions of polymers, fillers, functional additives
ToningTinted with water and universal pigment pastes.
Density~ 1.6 kg / l
Dry film thicknessE5 ˃400 μm
Particle sizeS2 g Medium-grained <300 μm
Vapor permeabilityV2 Average ≤ 150> 15 g / (m2 x add.)
Water permeabilityW2 Average ≤ 0.1 kg / (m2 x h 0.5)
Base temperature at applicationfrom + 5 to +30 ° C
Consumption0.6-1.2 kg / m2 depending on the surface roughness and application method. The exact flow rate is determined by trial coating.
Drying time at an air temperature of +20 ° C and humidity of 55%4-8 hours


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