• high bonding strength
  • excellent adhesion to difficult substrates
  • moisture resistant, frost resistant, weather resistant
  • for floor and wall coverings
  • for internal and external works
  • recommended for use in kitchens and bathrooms
  • recommended for underfloor heating
  • ready to use

Packing: 1,4 kg; 7 kg

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Universal Acrylic  Adhesive S7 – ready-to-use, flexible, waterproof adhesive with high bond strength and excellent adhesion to typical and complex building foundations.

Glue S7 is used for:

 • fixing wall and floor ceramic tiles and mosaics of all types to concrete, stone, ceramics, glass, gypsum plasters, gypsum boards, wood, chipboard, MDF, HDF, OSB, etc.

 • gluing glazes and terracotta tiles to old tiles

 • laying the adsorbent tile on painted surfaces

 • laying a large tile on the walls.

Recommended for use in kitchens, bathrooms, and underfloor heating.

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Colorwhite (shade allowed)
Adhesionmore than 1.3 MPa
Density1.75-1.8 kg / l
PH indicator~7,5-8,5
Open time~ 30 minutes
Curing time48 hours
The air temperature and the substrate when appliedfrom +5 to +30 ° C
The operating temperature of the solidified solutionfrom –20 ºC to +50 ºC
Mixture consumption2.2-2.6 kg / m²

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