Mixture for structural repair of concrete PRR-221


  • for structural repair of concrete
  • high-strength (not less than 45 MPa)
  • high adhesion to concrete (not less than 2.0 MPa)
  • suitable for thick-layer application with low shrinkage
  • crack, reinforced with fiber
  • frost-resistant
  • hydrophobic
  • Easy to use
  • sulfate resistant

Packing: 25 kg

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The PRR-221 mixture is intended for professional repair, restoration, structural strengthening, restoration, and protection of concrete and reinforced concrete structures.
For repair of a protective layer of concrete, the damaged sites of the reinforced concrete designs damaged as a result of corrosion of armature (columns, beams, balconies, jumpers).
For repair of vertical and ceiling surfaces, without application of a timbering.
For repair of reinforced concrete products and structures of general construction and special purpose, for tanks (including with drinking water).
For repair of industrial floors in warehouses, industrial premises, shopping centers, etc.
For structural restoration and repair of bridges, columns, supports, beams, for repair of concrete surfaces of tunnels, canals, hydraulic structures.
For leveling and repair of defects (chips, voids, sinks, irregularities) of freshly laid concrete after dismantling of a timbering.
Due to the fiber reinforcement and thixotropic properties, the solution holds its shape and can be used without formwork. It is applied with a layer thickness of 3 to 50 mm and has minimal shrinkage.
It is desirable to perform work with a mixture of PRR-221 systematically. The system includes the following materials: Soil (corrosion protection) – Elastic contact solution with corrosion inhibitor PRR-217 TM “Polyplast”.
Repair mortar – Mixture for structural repair of concrete PRR-221.
Finishing coating – Repair-restorative finishing thin-layer putty on PRR-224 concrete.
It is forbidden to use for repair of light concrete, and also cement-lime, cement-sand, plaster and other weak surfaces.

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