Quick-hardening mortar for repairing horizontal substrates


  • it hardens quickly (technological movement on the surface is possible after 6 hours)
  • resistant to moderate mechanical stress
  • high adhesion to the base
  • convenient and easy to use
  • moisture and frost resistant
  • fiber reinforced

Packing: 25 kg

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The PRR-216 mixture is intended for the repair of strong undeformed horizontal concrete and cement-sand foundations inside and outside buildings. Effective for quick repair of potholes on concrete horizontal surfaces.

The thickness of the layer in one application is from 5 to 35 mm.
It is used for the repair of screeds, staircases and platforms, ramps, curb plates. Surfaces made of PRR-216 can be painted with special paints for concrete and serve as a floor covering.



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Compositiona mixture of quick hardening cements with mineral aggregates, modifiers and reinforcing fibers
Mixing ratio4.0 – 4.25 L of water per 25 kg of dry mix
Aggregate sizeno more than 0,63 mm
The shelf life of the solutionsetting start: not earlier than 5 minutes

setting time: after 10-15 minutes

The compressive strength after 3 daysnot less than 5 MPa
The compressive strength after 28 daysnot less than 35 MPa
Tensile strength in bending after 28 daysnot less than 5 MPa
Frost resistancenot less than 75 cycles
Shrinkageno more than 1,2 mm / m
Adhesion to the base after exposure to air-dry conditionsnot less than 2 MPa
Adhesion to the base after alternating freezing and thawing 50 cyclesnot less than 2 MPa
Mixture consumptionabout 20 kg / m² × 1 cm layer thickness

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