Guncrete mix waterproofing "Hydrostop"


  • resistant to sliding
  • resistant to salts and sewage
  • frost, weatherproof
  • highly adhesive to metals
  • durable with increased durability
  • resistant to heavy loads
  • nontoxic

Packing: 25 kg

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The PRG-05 mixture is a dry mixture developed on the basis of high-quality portland cement, sand of a certain particle size distribution, fiber filler and special polymer additives.

Designed for reliable compaction of non-saline mineral substrates inside and outside buildings on non-deformable substrates. It is used for waterproofing old buildings and other building structures that are exposed to moisture (rainfall, foundation in the soil). PRG-05 is designed to perform positive waterproofing (always apply on the moisture side).

It can not be used on gypsum and anhydrite substrates, as well as on bases coated with saline coating. It is allowed to use the mortar for waterproofing non-plastered substrates made of various building materials (partially brick, partially stone, etc.).

Used for repair and restoration of horizontal and vertical concrete and reinforced concrete structures of buildings and structures, bridges, dams, tunnels, shafts, as well as for any work involving the wet gunning method (layer-by-layer application of the mixture on a concrete surface under pressure of compressed air).

Effective in the repair of chips, voids, sinks, bumps and other defects with a damage depth of up to 40 mm.

Waterproofing repair – restorative mix for wet gunning at machine application has higher performance: compressive strength – 15% more; modulus of elasticity – by 5% more; flexural strength – 40% more; higher resistance to weathering and atmospheric effects than the mixture, applied manually.

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Compositiona mixture of cement with mineral aggregates, reinforcing and polymer additives
Aggregate sizeno more than 0,63
Mixing ratio~0,2-0.24 L of water per 1 kg of dry mix
The shelf life of the solutionno more than 30 min
Compressive strength (after 3 days)not less than 10 MPa
Compressive strength (after 28 days)not less than 25 MPa
Bending strength (after 28 days)not less than 5 MPa
Frost resistancenot less than 75 cycles
Adhesionnot less than 2.0 MPa
Setting timefrom 0.3 to 3 hours
Dry mix consumption~ 0,2-0.24 l of water per 1 kg of dry mix

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