Mastic waterproofing one-component "Hydrostop"


  • easily applied with a roller, brush or spatula
  • elastic, solvent-free
  • overlays cracks up to 0.75 mm
  • can be used on heated screeds
  • ready to use
  • for internal use only

Packing: 7 kg

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Polymer waterproofing mastic PRG-04 is designed for flexible waterproof coatings on floors and walls, only for interior use, in private and industrial construction. PRG-04 is used for waterproofing coatings for tile facings, which are used in conditions of periodic exposure to water (in the bathrooms, showers , toilets, kitchens, etc.).

When installing screeds on a heat-insulating layer, PRG-04 waterproofing should be applied only to the layer that distributes the load (to the screed).

Suitable for waterproofing heated floors, sticking waterproofing tapes.

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Compositiona mixture of modified aqueous dispersions of polymers, fillers, functional additives.
Colourhomogeneous blue-gray paste
Density~ 1.4 kg / dm3
Mixture use temperaturefrom + 5 ° С to 30 ° С.
Ready to install ceramic tiles:after 24 hours (after applying the 2nd layer)
Water absorption coefficient, kg / m2 hour.no more than 0.15
Crack bridging ability:> 0.75 mm
Freshly applied waterproofing layer thickness
at a consumption of 1.4 kg / m2:
~ 1,0 mm
Drying time1st layer ~ 2 hours
2nd layer ~ 3 hours
Mixture consumption~ 1.4 kg / m2 (two layers)

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