Elastic two-component waterproofing mixture Hydrostop


  • protection of building structures from water and moisture
  • for interior and exterior use
  • elastic, even at low temperatures
  • high adhesion to mineral substrates
  • application on wet surfaces is possible.
  • it is steady against hydrostatic pressure (to 2 atm)
  • frostproof, vapor permeable
  • resistant to salts and alkalis
  • plastic, easy to prepare and use
  • suitable for drinking water tanks

Packing: comp. A - 15 kg + comp.B - 5 l

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The elastic two-component waterproofing mixture “Hydrostop” PRG-02 is designed for waterproofing and protecting building structures inside and outside buildings: concrete, brick and plastered surfaces exposed to moisture and water, both during periodic and constant wetting.

And also with hydrostatic pressure of a water column up to 20 m high; walls and floors of bathrooms, showers, pantries, basements and other wet rooms.

For foundations, terraces, balconies, flat roofs, parapets, pools, tanks, including for the storage of drinking water and other hydraulic structures.

It can be used in the “warm floor” system, and the mixture is also used to protect concrete and reinforced concrete structures from atmospheric precipitation and exposure to carbon dioxide.

Prevents the destruction of building structures, heat loss, water leakage, mold, fungi, etc.

Elastic waterproofing PRG-02 is not the final coating and requires mandatory protection with other materials (tiles, polymer-cement plaster, paint, polystyrene foam boards).

It is applied by water.


The waterproofing mixture PRG-02 is not intended to localize the flow of oil products, diesel fuel, gasoline, kerosene, liquefied gases, lubricants, fuel oil, paraffin, tar and the like.

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CompositionComponent A: a mixture of cement with mineral aggregates and polymer modifiers.

Component B: Polymer Dispersion

Appearance of component “A”homogeneous free-flowing mixture without impurities
Mixing ratio 3: 1 by weight or 15 kg of component A per 5 l of component B
Aggregate sizeno more than 0,63 mm
Air and substrate temperature during applicationfrom +5 to +30 °С
Mortar shelf lifeno more than 60 minutes
Base adhesionnot less than 0.5 MPa
Frost resistancenot less than 50 cycles
Water resistant for 24 hours at the age of 7 daysnot less than 0.2 MPa (2 atm) in 24 hours
Deformabilitywithstands crack opening at the base – at least 0.8 mm
Bending elasticityno more than 20 mm
Further worktechnological movement – after 3 days; subsequent coating device – after 7 days
Hardened mortar operating temperaturefrom -40 to +60 °С
Dry mix consumption~1.5-1.8 kg / m² × 1 mm depending on the required layer thickness and application method
Packing Kit15 kg of dry component and 5 l of liquid component

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