Plasticizing agent for concrete and mortar


  • for interior and exterior use
  • increases the technical performance of concrete and mortar
  • reduces mortar curing life
  • economical
  • solvent free

Packing: 5 l; 10 l

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PGS-131 – ready-to-use fluid, with the addition of which plasticization and compaction of soluble and concrete mixtures. Increases water resistance and frost resistance of mortars and concretes
and their strength indicators. It is applied at arrangement of pools and reservoirs, structures with high requirements for strength, at arrangement of warm floors, production of figured
elements (pavement tile, artificial stone, etc.). Reduces the duration of the solution strength.
Additive PGS-131 is used in the composition of concrete, cement and cement-sand mortars.





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Compositionaqueous dispersion of polymers
Appearancea homogeneous liquid of brown color
Application temperaturefrom +5 ° C to +30 ° C, humidity not higher than 80%
Density~1,0 kg/l
The temperature of the cured operation
to + 50 °С
Vapor permeabilitynot less than 0.1 mg / (m/h/Pa)
Time of complete drying~ 4-8 hours
Сonsumption0.06-0.12 l per 1 kg of dry mixture

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