Strengthening primer


  • it impregnates and strengthens the surface of the base for the further execution of finishing and facing works
  • levels the absorbing ability of a surface
  • strengthens the surface of the base
  • tolerant to cement, gypsum, lime
  • frost and moisture resistant
  • transparent after drying
  • vapor permeable

Packing: 5 l; 10 l

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For the preparation of mineral foundations with a high level of water absorption before further work. Increases adhesion, strengthens the surface layer of fragile surfaces, colorless, does not change the color of the surface, frost-resistant, moisture-resistant after drying, for interior and exterior work.

Compositionacrylic copolymer, water, special chemical additives
Appearancehomogeneous milky white liquid
Consumption0,1-0,2 l/m2
Drying time4-8 hours
Density~ 1,0 kg/l
Work execution temperaturefrom +5 to +30°С
Operating temperaturefrom -30 to +85°С

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