Priming paint for the preparation of foundations for decorative plasters and paints


  • gives the surface white color
  • provides a uniform color of finish coating
  • promotes adhesion of coatings to the substrate
  • reduces the absorption capacity of foundations
  • vapor permeable
  • reduces the likelihood of cracking in the finish coatings
  • connects dust
  • organic Solvent Free
  • has antiseptic properties
  • contains quartz filler

Packing: 5 l; 10 l

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PGS-116 white primer is designed for pretreatment of water-absorbing mineral substrates inside and outside buildings in order to reduce and equalize their absorption capacity, to ensure uniform color leveling in light shades of the finish coating.

As well as improving the adhesion of decorative plaster coatings to polymer substrates.

For preservation of plaster facades for the winter period and can serve as an independent decorative layer.

It is applied on the basics: reinforced moisture-proof layer of systems of thermal insulation of facades (plaster limy, cement, cement-lime, lime-gypsum, acrylic, silicone and other mineral and dispersion-organic coatings; cement screeds: anhydrite, concrete; drywall etc).

The primed base looks like a white rough surface. Tones to the color of the finishing decorative material.

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Compositiona mixture of pigments, mineral fillers and quartz filler in an aqueous dispersion
Mortar application temperaturefrom +5 tо +30°С
Density~1,5 kg/l
Vapor permeabilitynot less than 0.1 mg / (m / h / Pa)
pH value7-8
Drying timefrom 4 to 8 hours
Physical stateliquid
Consumption0,3-0,75 kg/m2
Resistance to static action of water at a temperature of + 20 ° Сno less than 12 hours

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