NANO deep penetrating primer


  • thanks to NANO particles, it strengthens weak bases as much as possible.
  • has a maximum penetration depth (up to 18 mm)
  • fills microcracks
  • increases adhesion of coatings to the base
  • levels and reduces water absorption
  • organic Solvent Free
  • UV resistant
  • frost resistant
  • moisture resistant

Packing: 1 l; 2 l; 5 l; 10 l

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For deep impregnation and strengthening of weak, loose, porous bases. Contains nanoparticles that penetrate much deeper into microporous surfaces (for example, gypsum surfaces compacted with residues after grinding, etc.). The nanostructure formed in this way strengthens the base in the subsurface and surface layers. It is used both inside and outside buildings. Recommended for restoration work.

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Structureacrylic copolymer, water, special chemical additives
Appearancehomogeneous liquid milky white
Density~ 1.0 kg / l
Complete drying time~ 4-8 hours
Consumption0.1-0.2 l / m²
Operating temperature+5 °С до +30 °С
operating temperature-30 ° C to +85 ° C.
Use as primer-ConcentrateStrongly-absorbent substrates (concrete, aerated concrete, etc.) diluted 2: 1;
Average-absorbent substrates (plaster, concrete, brick, chipboard, fiberboard, etc.) diluted 1: 1;
Low-absorbent substrates (stone, plasterboard, etc.) diluted 1: 2

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