Primer for absorbent mineral substrates


  • white - provides a uniform finish color
  • increases base adhesion
  • contains quartz sand
  • reduces base water absorption
  • vapor permeable
  • it has antiseptic properties
  • reduces the chance of cracking
  • dust bound

Packing: 5 l; 10 l

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For preliminary treatment of mineral bases in order to reduce and level their absorption capacity and increase adhesion before applying decorative plasters or paints, ensuring uniform color of the finish coating. Frost-resistant, moisture-resistant after drying. Gives the surface a white color and roughness. For internal and external works

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Structuremixture of pigments, mineral fillers and silica filler in an aqueous dispersion of a copolymer of styrene and butyl acrylate
Temperature of the substrate and bases+5 to +30 ° C
Density~ 1.5 kg / l
water vapor permeabilityat least 0.1 mg / (h × m × Pa)
PH – value7-8
drying time4-8 hours
consumption mixturefrom 0.3 to 0.75 kg / m²

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